Project Management Coaching



 STEP 1 :Identify your dream or idea with clarity is a step by step investigation on finding what you love, what you are good at, what your intuition tells you, what people around you says about you etc... It gives you the opportunity to think about you, your life, what makes you smile, uplifted, happy. It is a time for you to look in the mirror and state what you really want..

Finding your passion or your dream is paramount as this will lead you to making the right choice in terms of your professional and social life. There is a tension that can be built up within you and affecting your health and other part of your life if you are doing a job or living a life that does not reflect who you truly are.

Step 2: Uncover your challenge root cause and deal with it will assess you step by step find the root cause of your potential challenges that are preventing you from achieving what you want. The challenge can be just the surface of a more rooted problem. Sometimes it can be traced many years in the past. If the root cause is not known and dealt with, the solution will be a temporary fix and eventually the problem will keep on happening time and time again. This situation will affect your ability to work on your dream or project and eventually delay the completion or make it impossible to complete successfully.

Step 3: The last part is "Your Dream Project: This step will assess you to start working on your dream by adopting the project management process from start to finish according to the time frame you set your project to be completed by, the resources that you need in terms of who will help you, what tools or equipment you need. How much money you will need, how activities will be performed, what is the quality of work you want to produce etc... Adopting Project management principles will increase your project's likelihood of success

I will act as your project management coach to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly and you are performing well. I will be monitoring and controlling your performance. If you are stuck, I will coach you on the issue challenging you at that moment (technical or social skills) find the root cause and deal with it so that you can move to the next step of the project. It is paramount that you are serious and you truly want to improve your life as all the work is done by you and you are accountable for the result you want to achieve!

How we work

Live workshops / Pre- Recorded Videos  / Speaking at Event 

Live workshops: We organize live event for those  who register to have more information about project management coaching and see if it will work for them

Pre-Recorded Videos : An email will be sent to you with a link to access the material. It will challenge you to figure out your dream or passion, uncover the root cause and assess you in working on achieving your dream. When you know your dream and the problem that is holding you back, it is easy to fix it so that you can start working on your DREAM PROJECT and complete your project on time, cost, scope  and quality so that you live the life you always wanted.

Speaking at Event: Annie can speak at your event on variety of topics from project management coaching to leadership skills, talent shortage, recruitment and development,  Team development, change management, going global, innovation, Marketing process, strategic management.

  • What we cover

    You will learn in the comfort of your own home:
    1. How to identify with clarity your dream, vision or goal that matters to you the most and how to achieve it fast.
    2. How to uncover what you are good at combine with your own life experience to offer a service that you can charge at premium rate.
    3. How to identify and deal from the root with potential challenges blocking your way to stop them from happening time and time again.
    4. You will come up with options available for you to achieve your dream and chose the most specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART).
    5. You will set up a winning project plan that will help you achieve results according to your own time frame and budget.
    You will brand yourself from inside out for ultimate success (BONUS)

    You have the choice of three packages: 

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  • PREMIUM & EXCLUSIVE PACKAGES: Please see details in store and APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAMME below