Who is Annie

Annie (Kalume) Wenu

Project Management Coach, Speaker and Author

- Initiation - Planning - Execution/Implementation - Monitoring/Control - Close -

Annie is a Project Management coach, speaker and Author. She is the founder of Life Quality Improvement Coaching a London - based International practice specializing in Project Management Coaching and consultancy to professionals and Businesses.


She helps men and women discover 3 steps how to achieve their dreams or business goals by turning what they love to do into a successful project from initiation to completion so that they move their lives or businesses to the next level and live the life they always wanted,
What motivate her is helping individual not only on entrepreneurial level but also on social level to achieve their true potentials and business expectations.  Her job is to assess in the project initiation, planning and execution by monitoring and controlling the performance and assist in sustaining the outcome during the change implementation to ensure smooth transition.

With her  coaching and public speaking experience of successfully providing support to individuals and families in determining what choice to make in their personal and professional life together with her  academic achievement in Business Management with Human Resources Management (BSc Honours) and Applied Enterprise Project Management Enterprise Management pathway (MSc); she has  gain valuable insights, skills and knowledge to conduct projects successfully by assessing individuals and Entrepreneurs in the successful delivery of their projects on time, budget, scope and quality to satisfy their needs and those of their clients. With a diploma in accountancy, Annie was unhappy working with figures and turn into coaching as she loves helping others find solution to their challenges. She is a member of the Association for Project Management (APM)

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- Initiation - Planning - Execution - Monitoring - Close -