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When people hear about projects they think about those mega
projects in construction, IT, science etc. In fact projects can be in anything! Your day to day job is not a project! It must be something unique that you want to have, to create or to produce according to the budget, time frame and resources that you set beforehand and you have the sequence of activities and tasks to be performed during the execution.

If your are ready to improve your life,  you can turn what you love to do into a successful project from start to finish!

Life purpose defines who we truly are in a deep way. When there is a gap between the life we are living and who we truly are, we are frustrated, stressed out and there is a tension building up inside us. It is only when we release that tension by finding our purpose that we live the life  we truly love.

Do you know how many people are DOING JOBS that they don't like? Doing a job that YOU HATE SO MUCH affect your health, personal and professional relationships , even your finances!

Knowing your dream or passion will lead you to your purpose as you will be doing what you love and what you are good at. Working on your dream to improve your life  is not easy.....there will be SETBACKS AND HARDSHIPS to fuel your drive for success But never give up!

Can you imagine, doing what you love to do and living the life you always wanted!

Is there anything I can contribute with my experience, knowledge and expertise for you to achieve that? 

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I help men and women turn what they love to do into  a concrete  reality as successful  projects from initiation to completion. ensuring they manage efficiently their time, costs, resources, schedule and risks. Even if they are stuck because of challenges and they don't now what to do.                 

I assess them in identifying the issue, go deep into the root to uncover the underlying problem, deal with it so that they can

complete their project, move from where they are to the next level  and  live the life they always wanted and deserve.         

If you are serious and want to change your life.     

Please ACT NOW

In order to GIVE YOUR PROJECT A LIKELIHOOD OF SUCCESS, it needs to be WHAT YOU LOVE DOING! Otherwise the project will delay or fail because of stress!

Managing a project can be difficult and very demanding.
Project Management Coaching is a useful tool that will assess you in coping with stress and give your project a chance of success. If you need assistance PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

Why do we need projects?

Individuals and organisations are involved in project either to solve a problem or to take advantage of an opportunity to improve their lives or sustain or increase their profitability or competitive advantage. Managing a project can be difficult and very demanding especially when wanting to balance the constraints of time, cost, scope, quality and risks.

There are criteria of a successful project manager, however a lot projects still failing due to stress. 

Coaching is a useful tool to support project managers cope with stress that can be caused by project challenges such as communication, motivation, confidence, leadership and personal skills etc...

Hard skills are taught in training programs , unfortunately social skills are not part of most project management programs academically and many organisations are neglecting them in training project managers especially those who are new in the profession to help them cope with many challenges.

Soft skills are critical in supporting project managers  at every level especially inexperienced ones, resolve their challenges due to projects demands and successful delivery.

Steps to complete your project successfully:

1. Identify your dream, vision or idea with clarity. " What do you truly want? What matters to you the most?, what moves you? "  2.  Deal with potential challenges on your way  from the root: " What is preventing or will prevent you from achieving  what you want?" 3. Start working on your project:" What do you want to achieve?  what are the resources do you need?   Did you create your project plan and schedule, did you build your team, implement your plan,  monitor performance and complete your project. So what did you learn?"

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The majority of people who became who they dreamed about in their childhood are overwhelmingly happy with their current jobs.  

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Coaching children at a young age to work on their dreams and develop what they love to do will help them stay out of the street, achieve more in life and create happy and successful individuals in the future. 

Are you a parent or carer? What are you waiting for? Give the gift of success and happiness to your child.  We have  two programs on how to turn dreams into successful project for under 16 and 16 - 18+, adults.  Are you a school or involve with young people groups? If you would like to have more information about any program that we run or you have any query please contact us by email at the bottom of this page and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

We run FOUR programmes:
Project Genius Kingdom - Your Ultimate Success: This program is for those who don't have a clue about their dream or goal and they would like to have clarity in identifying it, knowing what they truly want, what really matters to them and deal with any challenge that is preventing or will prevent them from performing so that they finish their project on time, cost, quality and scope and live the life they always wanted. VISUALISE THAT DREAM, THAT GOAL IN CONCRETE REALITY! WHAT DO YOU SEE, WHO ARE ENJOYING WITH YOU, HOW DO YOU FEEL, WHAT DO YOU SEE, WHAT DO YOU SMELL!!

Dream Big! This programme will assess you in investigating what you truly want, what you love doing, what uplift you, what makes you smile, what matters to you the most? Be Christal clear about this step. Imagine yourself doing what you love and living your dream life! This will have a tremendous impact on your overall life! Many people are not happy with their current jobs! If you are in this category, what  you will do about it? TAKE ACTION TODAY! IMAGINE ALIGNING WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. HOW HAPPY YOU WILL BE?!!

 Kick that challenge out of your way!
This step will help you identify your potential challenges that can prevent you from achieving your dream or your goal. Fixing your challenge from the surface is a temporary fix! You will go deep into the root of your challenges to identify the underlying problem and fix it. Challenges can be internal or external. Internal challenges are limiting believes that you impose to your self and you will need to change them. External ones can just need a plan of action to be set up or a strategy to overcome them. What you will do with your challenges? You will still let them sabotaging your progress? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM! IMAGINE HOW YOUR STRESS LEVEL WILL BE REDUCED AND YOUR ABILITY TO MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL INCREASED!!

Anything is a Project - Be the Change You Always Wanted:
  This program is for those who are confidents and know the dream or goal they already identified and they want to start working on that project straight away using project management principles to incease the likelihood of success. Do you have a project that you need help with so that you can manage your time, costs, risks, scope efficiently, finish it successfully and live the life you always wanted! What is that? Is it branding yourself from inside out? Is it getting that dream qualification? Is it finding that dream job? Is it starting your own business? Is it taking your business to the next level? Is it living or working in a beautiful surrounding or maybe travelling the world! What is that?? DUST OFF YOUR PROJECT AND BRING IT BACK TO LIFE! IMAGINE THE KIND OF LIFE YOU WILL LIVE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES WHEN YOU COMPLETE IT!! 

How We Work
Live workshops / Pre - Recorded Videos / Speaking at Event

Live workshops: We organise workshops for those who register for our free workshops to learn more about project management coaching and see if it will work for you.
Pre - Recorded Videos: You will have access to videos that will help you work on your project step by step. When you identify your dream and know what is holding you back from the root  it easy to fix it so that you complete your project successfully. Downloadable worksheets and templates are available for your use. 

We have three packages: Standard, Premium and Exclusive

Standard Package includes:

Access to videos for one year, pdf download worksheets and templates 
One email per week for questions and answers
Membership to our closed community group
50% off  on ticket to our annual live event 
Book "Anything is a project"
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Premium Package includes: 

Access to videos for life, pdf download worksheets, templates

Unlimited emails for question and answers

 2 X One webinars group coaching per month (1 hour)

Membership to our closed community  group
 50% off on ticket to our annual live event
Book "Anything is a project" 
This package applies only for Project Genius - Your Ultimate Success and Anything is a project - Be the change you always wanted. 

Please apply for PREMIUM package at the bottom of the page.

Exclusive Package includes:

Access to videos for life, pdf download worksheets and templates

Unlimited emails for question and answers

2x one webinar group coaching per month (1 hour)
1 x one to one Telephone or face to face coaching per month depending on the distance
Membership to our closed community group

Free entry to our annual event 

Book " Anything is a Project"

This package applies only for Project Genius - Your Ultimate Success and Anything is a Project - Be the change you always wanted.

Please apply for EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE at the bottom of this page

Speaking at Event: If you want Annie to speak at your event please get in touch below we will find out how we will work together.